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3 Inspiring Reasons to Visit Alteryx User Groups in the Community Hub!

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A little birdy (okay maybe a dog) has told me that the Alteryx User Groups will have a presence at Inspire Las Vegas! Look out for the Alteryx User Group Lounge at the Community Hub in the Solutions Center.


The Alteryx User Groups team is bringing three ways Alteryx User Groups can provide not only a cozy place to relax in between keynotes, but some fun reasons why you should stop by:
















#1 Connect.



Come by the User Group Lounge at the Community Hub on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for a chance to meet Alteryx User Group Leaders and members from around the world.


We’ll have comfy couches, fun activities, and good company. And what better way to connect with your fellow Alteryx Users than by attending a local User Group meeting!


You are Invited: On Monday, June 5th from 2:00pm to 4:00pm the Las Vegas Alteryx User Group will be hosting a meeting in the Bristlecone Room #6. The User Group meeting will have special guest speakers and use case presentations.



RSVP To Attend


#2 Learn.



Alteryx User Group Leaders will be at the User Group Lounge and are available to answer questions. As well as, what it means to be involved with Alteryx User Groups. Ask questions on how to get involved with Alteryx User Groups. Don’t see a User Group in your area? Interested in hosting or presenting at a future User Group meeting?


Take a stand as an analytical hero in your neighborhood. Come by the User Group Lounge. Take our Super Alteryx User Group Pledge!


Unable to make it out to the User Group Lounge, don’t worry.


Fill out our User Group Interest form!


On Tuesday, June 6th at 5:00pm, join the Alteryx User Groups for the ultimate learning experience. 3 of our local User Groups will be going head to head as they compete in the Alteryx Grand Prix Championship! These three User Groups have been working diligently on a use case project for the past two months. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite after this exciting session at 6:00pm PST.



 Watch this space and a notification on the Inspire app for voting details.


#3 Share.


Not only will you get the opportunity to share your Alteryx stories at the User Group Lounge, you’ll also get an opportunity to snag some sweet, sweet swag. The Alteryx’s User Group team is bringing tons of cool stuff to share (see what I did there?) with you! Come by and say hi!


I hear there might be some Alteryx backpacks that will be given away at the end of each day. 


After you cash out (hopefully winning) from Vegas and fly home. Know that you are welcome to share all this knowledge about Alteryx and User Groups with your colleagues back home.


See you at the Community Hub!


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