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Supplemental HEDIS Data

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I am looking to share ideas with folks who utilize Alteryx for processing of provider HEDIS supplemental data. I seem to continually improve upon what I have build today & love the work.


Look forward to chatting with everyone.


Take care,


Alteryx Partner

Hi Andy,


I would love to see what you have done with HEDIS data in Alteryx and brainstorm ideas on how to improve upon it.


I have been working on a series of population health risk pipelines I would love to share with you.


please email me:




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Sorry for the delayed response. Most of my HEDIS work is around data cleaning of supplemental data into our HEDIS application.


Now, looking on how to translate those providers that don't have ICD codes but have BMI values into a ICD procedure or diagnosis code. (posted another question on it today)


Kind Regards,