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Mimic the Alteryx Designer Results search behaviour

15 - Aurora

Hi all,


Does someone know and could point a direction to mimic - using SQL/programming languages/or even a more smart way with Alteryx than the one that i am using right now - this awesome behaviour that the Search of the results has?

EXAMPLE, i have a table like this:




















If i search for a specific word, it filters ALL rows that have at least 1 occurrence of this word in some of the columns:


Right now we are parsing the fields (\s) with Alteryx and populating a table inside the SQL Server, so the user can seach using the application side (a web site) with an automatic where clause being sent to the database, but i really dont feel like this is a smart way to approach the problem. Too much rows are being generated, and it doesnt feel sustainable. We also would need to build this ETL for many different tables.








17 - Castor

I'm not sure on the best way for SQL, but if it's helpful when you click the 'apply data manipulations' box it gives you a filter tool with the formula. It looks a little brute force so I'm not sure if that's what Alteryx is actually doing in the search itself. 





15 - Aurora

Hi @Luke_C  this is really useful, i never clicked this button before . Thanks for sharing.


I had the feeling that doing something like this was brute force too, but maybe this is the way that Alteryx is doing and i am overcomplicating the thing.

9 - Comet

HI @Luke_C  thank you for sharing