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How to showcase Alteryx completed certification on Linkedin as a 'screenshot' in the feed?

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Hi, super excited to have completed the Alteryx Designer Core certification exam !


I have been trying to kind of 'embed' the pdf certificate and/or the certification logo within my Linkedin profile, so that it comes up in my connections' feed - could someone please let me know the exact process, would tremendously appreciate it.


P.S: Have followed the instructions in the certification mail with all the links; however, while it adds an entry under the 'Certification' section it doesn't make the certificate appear like an image in the feed of my connections.




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Wow - feels great to have found the solution within 15 mins of posting. Not sure why this did't click before posting here - maybe it was destined to be a contributor on the community and more than happy to be here !


So here it is: Log into your Linkedin Profile from a non-mobile device (e.g. Laptop / Desktop). At the 'Home' page (select from Top bar), you would see a "Start a post" thread and 3 options - the last of which is the document (icon).


Once you click it, it provides an option to upload your file or image.  Put a caption hit 'Next'; put a message for your post and voila !


Hope this helps the novices like myself, who are figuring similar stuff out