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Core Certification Exam - Got a wee bit too cocky

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Thought I was way above 80%, so didn't spend much time checking results, even though I had over 20 minutes left.






But I guess that does show me that there is more to learn.


The big surprise is that (other than Join and Union, where I got only 62.5%), most of my shortcomings were on the more basic tools, like Browse, Input, Sort, and Cleanse!


My higher scores tended to be on the more complex tools.  Did not expect that.


Clearly these tools have some features I need to pay more attention to.


Oh well, I'll get it sorted next weekend.

6 - Meteoroid

From my experience in going through the core and advanced exams, there are always a ton of things to learn with Alteryx, I use it daily for my job and constantly my team are showing me things that I never thought was even possible!


Good luck with your re-attempt.