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How To Zip A file Without Including Parent Directory

7 - Meteor



I managed to get Alteryx to automate zipping a file using Run Command using a batch file written with Alteryx but there are extraneous paths in my Zipped Folder.


For example,


instead of having it be Zipped Folder --> csv file, 

it's giving me Zipped Folder--> Output Folder--> csv file.


Currently my batch file looks like this:


7z a -tzip "Zipped Folder pathway" "Folder where csv file to be zipped is found" 


I've seen suggestions about using -j and -r but I get either error 1 or error 7 since I'm not too familiar with CMD language. 


Is there any way to rewrite the batch file so that I can write and zip a csv file without all those extra paths? 





7 - Meteor



Thank you for your help. I think I understand how to compress and extract zip files via Powershell for Alteryx.


I was continuing my exploration into extraction methods via Alteryx and was trying to write a command to use 7zip to extract a file (so I know how to reverse it via the same app). 

I am having some trouble doing this properly, is what I have written correct so far?


7z e "Filepath\"


would I need to specify the destination folder or would it simply extract the files to the same folder? I was trying to use Run Command again, with the bat file specifying the extraction command. But I kept getting an error code 2.