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Core Certification

8 - Asteroid

Hi Group Members,



I just cleared Alteryx core certification. Could you please advise if I can link my certificate(once I get :p) to my LinkedIn ID? I gave a different id while giving certification(not the LinkedIn one).




6 - Meteoroid

Stuck In 79.6%, not able to understand where I went wrong as it is not showing which answer is right and which one is wrong . Need some sample papers. Can anyone please help ?

9 - Comet

Hello @sbahali,


Unfortunately, you will not see question-by-question, which ones you got right and wrong. Upon submitting your finished\completed test, you see your score and what percentage of the questions you got correct by topic.


You're very, very close to passing at 79.6%! Only off by 0.4% with a score like that!


My biggest challenge when I took the Core Exam was finishing in time, for my first two attempts.


Good luck and I am sure you got it this time!!!