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Advent of Code - Base A Style! (Post 7 of 26)

14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar

Another Intcode challenge. Yay?? Hoping that this o

ne i

s a bit easier now that my macro is working efficiently.


Day 7 - Amplification Circuit


So the variation here is we have to string a few intcode analyses together, and then feed different numbers through as the initial value for the opcode 3.

Hmm... Sounds to me like the iterative macro needs to be nested in another iterative macro in order to pass the result into the next run. Check. That was easy to do.


Now to feed in the different combinations of 0-4 for the first input value. A few generate rows tools and a filter gives all of the values needed. Within one of the macros, a dynamic select chooses the variable (0-4) to use based on the iteration number.


Now wrap that all in a Batch macro to run each combination through.


Easily done. Probably takes longer than it should.


Macro that runs the iterative macro through each "amplifier":



Batch macro that runs each variation of initial codes:



It's been a while since my first attempt and idea worked.


Part 2. Holy **bleep**. I don't understand these instructions. Need to spend some time in Excel modeling to see if I can get the gist, and will probably have to rebuild my intcode yet again.