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We are a Global Nonprofit and have provided our documents for Nonprofit grants

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We are a Global Nonprofit and have provided our documents (sent at to receive Nonprofit Alteryx tools. But we've not heard back yet from the Alteryx team and it's more than two weeks.

Nonprofit Name: Adhyatma Vigyan Satsang Kendra, Jodhpur


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Hi @avskjodhpur ,


Due to the ADAPT program, the AFG team has a lot of requests right now so answers can be a bit longer.

Don't hesitate to send another mail to know the status of your request.






Hi @avskjodhpur


Thank you so much for reaching out. I was able to verify we have your application, but we did not receive your documents, so thank you for including the GuideStar link! I will reach out to you shortly for the next steps. 


We are happy you joined the Community and suggest you check out our Impact Stories to see how other nonprofits have utilized their license! 


The AFG Team 

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Thank you! 

We're a Nonprofit based in Jodhpur, India