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As the year comes to a close most of us always like to look back and see what we have accomplished and, of course, look forward to what the New Year has to bring.  So with that in mind I give you my favorite top 3 Alteryx accomplishments in 2011 and the top 3 things I am looking forward to in 2012.


My Top 3 Favorite Alteryx Accomplishments of 2011


  1. Alteryx 6.2: The most exciting Product release of 2011 was Alteryx 6.2 which included updates to the engine along with the much anticipated launch of the Private Cloud.   The Private Cloud has brought users of Alteryx server the ability to publish Alteryx wizards to the web and provide unlimited users access to the power of Alteryx via a browser.  
  2. 2010 US Census: The most exciting Data release of 2011 was the 2010 Census.  Not only did we build and provide the data to our customers, but we were also chosen by the U.S. Census Bureau as the premier technology partner to deliver the U.S. Census 2010 DVD product!
  3. Process Improvements: 2011 kept our product development teams very busy developing the improvements for 6.2 and the many features to be released with 7.0.  Along with the daily grind that goes into developing great products, many changes and process improvements have been made in the way we develop.  The many changes make it much easier for us to deliver high quality products with the features we promise.  Much of the ground work was laid in 2011 for smoother development cycles and I think we will really reap the rewards in 2012.    


 My Top 3 Alteryx Things to Look Forward to in 2012


  1. Inspire 2012:  Every year Inspire falls into the category of one my favorite things to look forward to.  We get the opportunity to hear firsthand from so many customers  what they think of our products.  We get to hear the about the stuff that makes our products great as well as the areas of the product that need improvement.  Much of the interaction that happens at Inspire helps to drive our product road map.  What makes this year’s Inspire so exciting is that it is our biggest one to date, it is at a new venue and we will be releasing Alteryx 7.0.
  2. Alteryx 7.0: Our next product release contains so many exciting features it is hard to highlight just a few.  There are so many new tools, including connectors to Amazon S3 and SharePoint, a download tool, XML parse tool and an R tool for predictive analytics. Along with new tools and enhancements to the engine, there is also a stronger connection to the web. Including the ability to publish wizards right from the desktop to the web with the click of a button.  The web will also have integration with Windows authentication so you don't need to manage your own list of users.  Stayed tuned for the full feature list when the product releases in late February!
  3. Alteryx 7.x:  With the development efforts of 7.0 winding down we have already begun planning our next release.  Many of the features are still under wraps as we hammer out the details, but I will say I don’t think 2012 will disappoint!

 Wishing all of you a Happy New Year!