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Weekly exercise #7

8 - Asteroid

Hello all,


Sorry for the delay in posting this week's exercises, from now on I will, be posting these on fridays. You can also find the solution to last week's exercise here. For this week we'll be looking at formatting data to a given output:


Use Case: A credit card company’s customer Data is structured so that each row of data contains the merchants each customer has visited in a given week. The credit card company is wanting to understand the correlation of merchants visited by customer, for example if a customer visit 7-11 what other stores do they have a high propensity to visit.


Objective:  Restructure the data into rows that pair merchants together by customer.

8 - Asteroid

Hi everyone,


I have attached my solution and the one provided by Alteryx to this week's exercise.

8 - Asteroid

Hi Carlos, attached my solution