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Bug with CSV files containing quoted fields



This doesn't help either:


m_outfile.write(field.value.pValue, field.value.nLength);



In my own component I'm already testing everything available:


    if (!pField->GetNull(pRecord))
        // Get the field value
        TFieldVal<WStringVal> fieldVal = pField->GetAsWString(pRecord);

        if (!fieldVal.bIsNull && fieldVal.value.nLength > 0)

None of it helps :(


This looks like a bug in the SDK. I've made @TashaA aware of it and she is looking into it.


Thanks. Good luck, @TashaA


Any progress on this?


@TashaA, at first we thought this problem only affected data from CSV input files with quoted fields, but we are now seeing it in other circumstances.

We saw it today occur between the output of one of our components and the input of the next.

Upstream the source data was from a tab delimited file without quoted fields.

The problem seems to go away if I switched the input file from Latin1 to UTF-8.

Any news on when we can get a version of the SDK with this bug fixed?



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Thanks for the additional information @360Andy. At this time, I do not have an estimated time for a fix. I will be working with our groups here to see if we can provide any additional troubleshooting or work-around steps. 


I am sorry you are experiencing trouble with this, feel free to continue to share any additional items you notice as you have done today. 





.@TashaA, Any news on this? Our sales people keep running up against this problem with prospects and it is very embarrassing for them as it looks like a problem with our component. It is such a severe problem that it destroys any confidence in us.


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Greetings @360Andy,


Some news on this front. Good news-we have validated the bug, the not-so-good news-we do not have an immediate remedy for this. I will keep this thread and you posted when we know that we have a fix planned for release.




Any update on this? Is there any sort of workaround I can use?

This is constantly causing problems.


Hey @TashaA, any news?

I see the is a new release 2018.4.

My fingers are crossed ;)