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Alteryx Server API - Not getting Schedules

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I need some help with the API.

What I am trying to do is to retrieve the schedules of workflows using the API, this fails.


From the Admin section of the API I have pasted in the Admin Key and Secret.

Testing this in the WEB GUI also fails. I get the following error: Respons Code 500

  "data": null,
  "exceptionName": "UnknownException",
  "innerExceptionMessage": "",
  "message": "Unknown error."


But, this does not fail if I try to get the Collections data from the Admin part of the API.

I also have no issue getting data from the Subscriptions part of the API. So the issue is not with the Key or Secret.

Also, admin API is enabled (as i am getting collections data).


Any idas?


Kind regards





What is the the server version you're seeing this on please?