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This is vivek

I am trying to install Bigquery input tool in Alteryx but its not installing

It shows as environmental Error 

Please help me to solve the issue




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Can u resolve this issue quick 

i have to complete an assignment today 


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How can I install this tool without the admin permission?

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I got an error:

AppData\local\alteryx\bin\Miniconda3\Common_config\wheels' is ignored. it is either a non-existing path or lacks a specific scheme

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no matching distribution found for protobuf==3.15.5 from -r requirments.txt (line1)

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I'm on 2022.1 Alteryx and version 3.0.0 of Big Query tools. I've set up the service to Service connection and can even browse the tables in my project, but I keep getting the following error.


Google BigQuery Input (1) TransportError received. Check your proxy credentials for accuracy.



On another forum, there was a recommendation to allow proxy configuration from the user settings and I've done that but it says no proxy is in use to configure. 

Does anyone @AlteryxProducts know how to get past this?


7 - Meteor

I am getting error while installing.

"AppData\local\alteryx\bin\Miniconda3\Common_config\wheels' is ignored. it is either a non-existing path or lacks a specific scheme"


Did anyone manage to install the tool?