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7 - Meteor

Works well, thank you!


For outlier replacement, I have rarely seen routines that can replace the outlier with a "rolling avg" of the observations before/after the outlier itself. 


Helpful when data series have trends or seasonal patterns.



5 - Atom

Hi All,


Please I am working on a Time series task and I need to detect and manage outliers. I came across this tool (CReW Outlier Detection (Beta)) but unfortunately I couldn't use it after I downloaded it on my Alteryx environment. Please I will appreciate any help on how to install and use it on my data to detect and manage outliers. Also, any video or link regarding outliers will be of help. Thank you!


@ATTENTION!!!....I have been able resolve the above request, kindly disregard.

5 - Atom



I will like to remove outliers from each column and also replace null within each column with the average value per year for each column. The data is from 2012 to 2022 and average value per pollutant per year will use to replace null for each pollutant. example: if average value for hch_pm10 is 12 for year 2012, 12 will be use to replace null values for 2012 after removing the outliers.