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Charlotte AUG Recap (3Q23)

8 - Asteroid

The Charlotte AUG had a great relaunch of their user group, bringing in a few new user group leads and meeting in-person for the first time since COVID. Attendees were engaged and lots of cross-talk was afoot as people were helping each other field a variety of questions.


David Hardister presented and showed us a variety of levels on how a workflow can be designed (crawl > walk > run > fly). The "fly" version was just ;)


The evening was accented by food and tech support, and the group is excited for their next meeting November 15th at the Dubois City building of UNC Charlotte near First Ward Park. 


See you next time!

8 - Asteroid

It was a really nice gathering of the Alteryx community in Charlotte. Thanks for your leadership @JNBeason ! And, thanks  to @davidhardister  for his awesome presentation!


Looking forward to the next event on November 15th!