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Predictive Master Certification Exam Prep Guide

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Download the Predictive Master Certification Exam Prep Guide 



Exam Overview

The Predictive Master Certification allows you to demonstrate your mastery of using predictive analytics and machine learning to provide data-driven insights to your organization. Predictive Masters have full command of the data science lifecycle, including: data preparation, data exploration, predictive modeling and evaluation, and interpretation and deployment. The scope of this exam includes predictive analytics concepts and all tools available in the Predictive Tools installation.


Audience: Anyone who is currently Advanced Certified

Experience Level: Expert

Price: $150 USD

Registration: User and Registration Guide                                          

Time allotted: 3 hours

Version: Currently testing on Alteryx Designer 20.4

Attempts: You must wait 2 months between your first and second attempt and 3 months between subsequent attempts

Exam Type: Online, proctored, and performance-based

Questions: 19

Question Types: Practical application scenarios, multiple-choice, and open form answer

Passing Score: 115 points (out of 175 total)

Point Values: Point values vary for each scenario and question

Allowed Resources: This exam is "open book," and we encourage you to be familiar with resources that are permitted for use during the exam: content on Alteryx Community, Alteryx Help Documentation, information on public websites, and sample workflows and other in-Designer resources.

Prohibited Resources: You may not bring or use your own reference workflows or written notes, or access any resources that are not available publicly. Any resource that requires you to log in to an account is not permitted, with the exception of the Alteryx Community.


Download the Predictive Master Certification Exam Prep Guide