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Electricity usage calculation

5 - Atom



I need help in creating an alteryx model for dividing the electricity usage in an apartment by the no. of people staying in it. I have the following data for calculating the same:


1. Month start meter reading.

2. Month end meter reading.

3. The date in which the person has moved in to the apartment and his entry electricity meter reading.

4. The date in which the person has moved out of the apartment and his exit electricity meter reading.

5. Meter readings whenever there is a change in occupancy.


Maximum no. of people that can share an apartment at any point of time is 6.


The logic used behind calculating the usage per head is by knowing the no. of people who stay in the apartment at any point in time.

For example: If A,B and C stay in an apartment from 1st of the month till 15th and D joins them from 16th onwards, then the usage will be divided among 3 people till 15th and by 4 people from 16th onwards.


PFA for the sample input format for the month of March 2018.


Have created an excel model for the same and would like to replicate the same in Alteryx



17 - Castor
17 - Castor

@ydmuley did something like this recently