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Bangalore AUG Q3 Meet - Feedback

7 - Meteor

We were overwhlemed with the feedback we received for the Bangalore AUG Meet in Q3! The attached captures the feedback that was received :)AUG Q3 Meet-Feedback.pngAUG Q3 Meet-Feedback2.png

12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

Thank You @scolaco


Adding the pictures of the slides so that it becomes easy to view! Great feedback and excitement is clearly seen.


Thank you for making it so beautiful.


Thank you, Bangalore!


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Slide 1Slide 1Slide 2Slide 2

Yugandhar Muley (Yug)

Alteryx ACE | Alteryx For Good India Lead | Bengaluru Alteryx User Group Lead
11 - Bolide
11 - Bolide

Thank you @scolaco for putting this together! That was some really great feedback from a mixed crowd- people who got introduced to Alteryx during the event and the Alteryx experts who shared their experience and value add.


Looking forward for more such productive meetings next quarter :)

7 - Meteor

Awesome way to put the feedback together @scolaco. I really like the way you have highlights in yellows :).