Archived Training

Understanding Data Types

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)


Experience Level: Beginner

Course Description: Depending on the source data can come into Alteryx in different formats. Numbers can be integers, bytes, doubles. Dates can be strings. This session covers how data comes into Alteryx, how to easily change the data types (including automatically!) and best practices for working with data.

You’ll Learn How to:

  • Disseminate import data type behavior depending on the input source
  • Automatically or manually change data types
  • Implement best practices for data types


Date: 2018-05-29

Version: 2018.1

Presenter: @ChristineB


8 - Asteroid

Why doesn't Alteryx have currency as a data type?

7 - Meteor

Hi! Currency is not a data type and it's usually formatted in the front-end layer. You can format your value as currency in a Report, for example.

You usually setup the field as float, double, fixed decimal or Integer and then you format your field when presenting it.


I hope I have helped.