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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Growing up I was fascinated by art. I loved the freedom of expression and lifestyle. As my way of rebelling against my “science is everything” parents, I signed up to every single “artsy” class possible, from singing to painting. When it came to making a career decision, I remembered a quote from my favourite teacher: “You will find art in anything you make; don’t worry about it”.


As I spend more time with Alteryx, I realise how "artsy" the platform truly is. Think about it: 

  • White canvas - check
  • Plethora of colour coded tools - check
  • Freedom to ask the big questions - check
  • Being “analytically creative”, the ability to craft a story from your workflows - check

Which brings me back to Inspire Europe, the greatest analytics gallery in Europe. The number of people who want to speak at Inspire Europe is incredible. Last year I spent most of my summer combing through the use cases submitted via our Call for Speakers. It’s amazing how much you can learn about a person just by looking at their Alteryx workflow. If you ever thought there was no emotion in analytics — think again! 


This year, Inspire Europe is back at Tobacco Dock in London on 14-17 October and we are looking for amazing “analytics artists” whose incredible work we can amplify on stage. 


Why you should consider speaking at Inspire Europe

  • Participate in THE Analytics Conference of the year and receive a complimentary ticket
  • 3,000 people knowing your name — best personal ad ever!
  • Impress and inspire your peers with the great work you’re doing with Alteryx
  • Get more involved with the rest of the Alteryx community
  • Amplify your Alteryx story and your career journey

What are we looking for?

  • Solutions — show us how you are solving that impossible business problem with Alteryx
  • Demonstrate clear ROI from your use case
  • GO DEEP into the platform — Alteryx Server, Connect, Promote

How to submit to the Call for Speakers


  • The Inspire Europe Call for Speakers will close on 30 June, so hurry up!

We can’t wait to see your creativity and amazing art with Alteryx, and we are so excited to amplify you and your successes on stage in London. Good luck!

Julijana Saveska
Manager - RoEMEA Marketing