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MSAzure.pngAlteryx strives to make our products more accessible in the environments that our customers run their applications, whether that be on-prem or in the cloud. With more of our customers moving their application workloads to the Microsoft Azure public cloud, we are pleased to announce the availability of Alteryx Server in the Azure Marketplace as a virtual, on-demand platform. This collaboration builds on the existing integration of Alteryx Designer with Microsoft Azure, and support for Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse, empowering analysts to quickly consume big data and deliver key business insights through self-service analytics. It also helps remove common challenges associated with standing up a physical server so organizations can deploy Alteryx Server within minutes, while maintaining the same security, scalability, and governance of an on-premises server.


Alteryx Server Options with Microsoft Azure

Alteryx Server will run as a virtual machine in the Azure Marketplace. An organization can bring their own license, or take advantage of a free trial license, to get started. Alteryx Server enables users to deploy, share, and manage the Alteryx platform at scale — supporting the scheduling and automation of workflows, and the publishing of Alteryx workflows as analytic apps that can be run on-demand by non-Alteryx users. While the pre-configured, pay-as-you-go Alteryx Server trial is now available through the Azure Marketplace, organizations still have the option to spin up Azure computing resources to install Server using their existing license. Furthermore, software prices are clearly posted in the Azure Marketplace and payment information is often already on file with Microsoft, making Alteryx Server procurement even easier.


Alteryx and Microsoft Azure Partnership

To take advantage of the Alteryx and Microsoft integration, users who have Alteryx and an Azure Marketplace account can start using Alteryx Server right away. Furthermore, users can download the Alteryx Starter Kit for Microsoft and gain access to six sample Alteryx workflows utilizing Microsoft Power BI and Azure ML. It’s a perfect time to use the combination the Alteryx platform plus Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace to accelerate self-service data analytics consumption for their organization.

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Hey @DanG - this is great news!  

Looking at the pricing model - am I right that a user will pay $x.xx per hour while this is being used, and $0.00 while it's not being used similar to other Azure services?   

That way folks can use this to set up a quick Alteryx Server on Azure cloud to learn how to administer Alteryx Server, and only pay for the time that they are using the service


If my understanding is right- that's a very positive development - thank you!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @SeanAdams


Yes, the consumption based pricing of Alteryx Server allows you to pay $x.xx when the virtual machine is active. You do not pay anything for Alteryx Server when the vm is suspended.