Alteryx for Good

Alteryx for Good Use Cases


Interested in integrating Alteryx into your nonprofit, but not sure where to start? Check out our use cases where you can learn how nonprofits around the world have leveraged Alteryx to change their communities and the world. 


  • Taking Action For Children During COVID-19

  • The Healing Power of Data + Analytics

  • How Data Helps Feed Hungry Families

  • Using Alteryx For Volunteer Work

  • College Students Discover the Power of Data Analytics (Education)

  • Delivering Analytics Insights (and Groceries) to Support Those in Need

  • Taking Data Analytics — And Patient Care — to New Heights in Australia

  • Harnessing the Power of Analytics Automation for Action

  • Data Insights Guide Australia Nonprofit in Confronting Domestic Violence

  • Measuring Student Success Beyond the Classroom (Education)

  • Data Insights Clear Pathways Out of Poverty