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CReW Macros - List Runner Keeps Failing to Run Workflows

Alteryx Partner

Hi Everyone,


I am using CReW Macros to schedule some workflows. I found that if conversion error in a workflow exceeds certain number, the workflow will fail to run. There are some conditions that even a workflow does not have any conversion error while running, the workflow still fails to run.


Does anybody know why? Is there a way to fix it?


Thank you so much.

Alteryx Partner

One of the possible reasons is that if there are too many conversion errors, List Runner fails the workflow automatically.


For example, in one of my workflows the output is written to a .csv file, while a few fields were WString. Alteryx gives the following conversion error:


            ConvError: Output Data (54): InstrumentDetails: "...." could not be fully converted from a WString to a String.