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Run a particular Canvas under different identity

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi all,


We have an ongoing need to run a particular canvas on the server as a different credential and to schedule it to always run under that credential.   Right now every canvas is running in the context of "Alteryx Server" as the security token, so all network shares that are used for data have to be entitled to give full access to the "Alteryx Server" user.   This cannot be done by changing the worker node configuration, since that would change the default implied credentials for EVERY canvas.


This is behaviour is clearly a significant data leakage risk - since this means that every team could create a canvas that accesses another team's data, and run it on the server and get access.


Our need is to run canvasses belonging to Team1 using a Team1 credential; same for team 2 etc. 

Note: This would take care of the implied authentication that takes place in the input; output; directory tools.


Can anyone confirm how to go about running and scheduling a particular canvas to run under a team credential; and/or how to force explicit authorisation while using directory tool and input / output tools?


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