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Issue with migrating workflows to the server

7 - Meteor

Hi all
I have an issue with migrating Alteryx workflow to the server. When i'm trying to publish my workflow I receive the following error.




As far as I understand, Alteryx Server local system account does not have access to the input data and output data network folders. I have also set the workflow credentials setting to "Allow users to select" on Gallery admin page:



but after I enter my credentials I also receive an error. 


what am I missing here? Is there any way to make sure that the user who run this specific workflow on the server will be the same user who publish it?


Thank you !

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @Razb ,


The issue is probably that the server can't access your local folders.


When running workflows on the server, you have to use folders to which the server has access that will end up being shared folders and also use the correct naming convention so your server can understand where the folder is located, which is called UNC.


Here is more information about it.


The credentials add another layer of security and possibilities. If you have a private shared folder to which the server doesn`t have access to, you can include a credential specific to the workflow to access the data.


Best regards,

Fernando Vizcaino



7 - Meteor

Thanks @fmvizcaino for the the suggestion. 


Actually we needed the ensure the users who run the workflows are the users who actually build it, so we added all the designer users to log on as a batch job in the server machine and that resolved the issue.


Thanks again !