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Error while publishing workflow to Alteryx Gallery




I am receiving the following error when I try to publish the workflow (currently saved on my desktop) in the Alteryx Gallery:


"There were errors validating your workflow. Please resolve these issues and try again.


Unable to find connection 'datasource' "


The data source in this case is an SQL Server connection.


Please help me resolve this error.


Thanks in Advance,





Hi Anu,

If you are trying to publish the workflow to our Public Gallery at, you wil receive that error because we do not have an ODBC connection created to access your database.  The workflow should still upload, but you will only be able to share with others to download the workflow and run on their own computers.  You will not be able to run it through the Gallery.

If you are working with your own Private Gallery, verify that you have an System ODBC connection made to the database on the server the Gallery is hosted.  It will need to be a System connection for the Gallery to connect.




Thank you for your response. I am trying to publish the workflow in my private gallery.Can you please provide the steps to install the system ODBC for SQL Server on the Alteryx gallery.


I am also trying to publish the workflow on Tableau Server so I am receiving another error that says 'Cannot find macro "PublishtoTableauServer.yxmc" '. How do I update the macro also in the gallery. Please let me know.





The publish to tableau Server macro had to be run on the Server for one of the errors to be resolved.


I am still stuck with the other issue - system ODBC piece, can somebody please help me with it?


Alteryx Partner

I had this problem before. The reason is the machine that houses server should have access to SQL server as well. 

So, to fix this, you just need to configure the server/gallery agian. While in the tab Worker, there is a step named Run As.. You can provide your own user name and password so that Alteryx server could have access to SQL server as you do.

This may only apply to conditions that you are using Integrated Windows Authentications as your authentication type.  

Hope this helps. 


"The publish to tableau Server macro had to be run on the Server for one of the errors to be resolved."


can you give more discrete details on what this means? 


Thank you! 



ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

The data source in this case is an SQL Server connection.


What type of SQL server connection is it? Are you using an oledb connection, or are you using a pre-defined system ODBC connection?


From your description it sounds like you are using an ODBC connection (Please provide a screen shot of your connection to confirm. You can blur out the server name and database name here to help).