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Cannot find Data Artisan in roles

We configured the default access role as "Artisan" but new users get added on with Viewer role. From the dropdown of role options, we only get Viewer, No Access and Curator. 


Although this is Alteryx Sandbox, we don't want some of our users to have Curator level but have only Artisan level.


The user has a Designer license and added Gallery URL, has a private studio but is unable to publish the workflows onto gallery. The error message on the Designer side we get is - The user account you are attempting to publish as is not an artisan. Please contact your Alteryx Server Administrator.


Please help. Is there some setting somewhere to enable the Artisan role? Currently only those with Curator permissions are able to publish workflows.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @anishgrandhi 


You can edit this setting via the Gallery Admin page as follows:


Gallery Admin > Permissions


From here you can modify the default permission level as well as editing the permissions for existing users:


Screenshot 2019-07-17 at 19.01.27.png

Hey @jamielaird - Thanks for the reply. But the Gallery page does not have permissions tab. It has Users where I'm trying to change the role. Although the default role is set as Artisan, the users who sign up still get Viewer access and not Artisan.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @anishgrandhi 


You should be able to see Permissions in the left-hand menu, towards the bottom. It is a separate option to Users. If not, you may need to contact your Alteryx Server administrator.


Screenshot 2019-07-17 at 19.29.03.png

Hi @anishgrandhi

I also encountered this issue with the gallery. If your authentication is not set to Built-in authentication, check if the user is added to a subscription that is set to the 'Paid' type. If it is set to Free the Artisan role is not visible as a possible Role on the Users page.




As @maxcassee pointed out, there are some subtle differences in terms of what you will find in the Admin panel and how things are configured. The Permissions tab is one of those differences as it's there only if you use Windows AD Authentication on your Gallery.


The Free/Paid Subscription is the answer. If you change the user's subscription type to Paid, you will be able to make them an Artisan.  







Thank you for your solutions. Changing the subscription to Paid and adding an expiry date helped.