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Alteryx Server security - execution of malicious code

7 - Meteor

A couple of my team's devs were recently  discussing the use of the Python, R and CMD tools on Alteryx Server.  They rightly noted these usage of these tools (triggered by a published alteryx workflow) could represent a number of risks including 


  • Execution of malicious code
  • Spawning of processes that hog system resource


I'd be interested to hear on other's experiences and guidance as to methods that could restrict the execution of server side code and/or their impact on the Alteryx Server in order to limit associated security risks.



At the server level you can decide which protection mode workflows will run as.

At the workflow level: an admin will be able to change the run mode itself for that specific workflow.


Default Run Mode: Determines the level that workflows are permitted to run in the Gallery. Workflows that contain certain tools or access may need to be blocked. If a user has a workflow that uses one of the prohibited tools in a safe manner, they may request an exemption from the Gallery Admin. Exemptions are managed on the Workflows page in the Gallery. See Workflows.

Safe and Semi-safe options can only be used if the Run As setting is enabled in System Settings on the Worker Run As screen. See Worker.

  • Unrestricted: Any workflow can be run.
  • Semi-safe: Workflows accessing or storing data on non-local drives are blocked from running.
  • Safe: Workflows accessing or storing data on non-local drives, or using certain tools and events, are blocked from running. The tools and events include: Run Command tool, Download tool, Email tool, R tool, Python tool, Run Command event, and Send Email event.


8 - Asteroid

@Loic  In our firm, we would like to  block usage of Run Command Tool and Run Command event but allow all other tools that can be blocked using safe mode. Considering the number of assets in our Infra which uses download Tool, R Tool, Python Tool, Email Tool and Send Email event - providing exemption or manually updating each workflow on Gallery would be a pain for server admins. Is there a way, we can either 1. Block usage of just Run Command and Rum Command event on server ? or 2. Remove those functionalities in Designer so no workflow/app/macro can be created with those two functionalities ?  


If answer to both questions above is No, Please do let me know if this should be submitted as an idea ?  (ideally, we would like to have the ability to choose the tools that our firm can use in Designer or Server)


@revathi @jonesen unfortunately we can't be more granular. Please enter a new idea in the idea section. likely 2 ideas: one for Designer and one for Server. I am certain these ideas exist already. vote them up if you find them. If you don't create them and I will vote them up! 🙂