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Alteryx Server Usage Report - Setting a date range

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Is it possible to set a date range on the Server Usage Report, if so how could I do this?  The report is about 5GB in size and it is expanding every month.  I would like to add a date range to the report so I could run it for the past 30 days or 7 days. 


Many thanks



Alteryx Partner

Hello @neil480 

It is possible to modify the server usage reports, although it can be tricky. At my previous company, I was able to modify to allow us to select a date range and collection to quantify how our teams were utilizing the Gallery. 

This is set up like an APP with the MongoDB connections and Reporting within a macro. You will need to set up the Macro to allow for the filtering of dates, then add the UI tools to both the Macro and App. 


If you have any questions or would like help please let me know how I can help. 





Hi @neil480,


I have adapted the original Server Usage Report. 

Note. This is not the most optimal way to filter the data (because I accommodate a filter until the end)


Here the changes I made so that you can adapt yours


All the tools in yellow were added to the Macro: Alteryx_Server_Usage_Report




As you can see is a simple filter after the output #1 of the Tableau Output Container 

Filter contains this formula:


DateTimeDiff(DateTimeNow(),[Job_CreationDateTime],"Days") < 30


Also added some interface tools (To replicate what you already have when you select the PDF output)

This is how now the workflow looks like





attached is the .yxzp file so that you can see my changes. I use the version 2020.1.2

Let me know if you have any questions






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Perfect.  Thank you both for your replies.  I'll run the report today.