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Scheduler help

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I have set up a accruing schedule. When I go into view schedule and choose schedules, I can see my scheduled workflow for every monday. The path seems to be okay. But when I check the data in the excel sheet I don't see any new info in the sheet. Not sure what I am doing wrong. If you need anymore info, please reach out to me. 


Thank you


Have you checked the workflow results to make sure it is all running?  


If scheduling form Server, go to Workflow Results in the left side menu.  Find the workflow in questions and click the link to see if there was output.


If you are scheduling from desktop, go to Options>View Schedules in the Designer.  Choose the Results tab to see  what happened.  


This should show you if you are getting any errors or warning, and let you see if you data is writing out.

Scott Jones
Strategic Sales Engineer
Alteryx, Inc.