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First Row Contains Data

6 - Meteoroid

Hi All,


I have a specific workflow that I need help on.


The purpose of the workflow is to extract data from a report I receive daily (we receive a company wide report and we only need to extract for the segments we cover). The issue I have relates to one of the fields in my data set. 


One of the key fields is my unique identifier, the sales ID, this can be purely numeric 123456 or a mix of numbers & letters ABC123456 so when I try to input this into my workflow Alteryx automatically identifies this field as the Double Data type and all of those IDs with ABC123456 become null.


Fix 1) I managed to find a simple way for both data types to be outputted by using the Input tool - if I use the Input tool and check the box that states 'first row contains data' and then combine this with a dynamic rename tool to convert the first row back to headers and use the select tool to change the Sales ID to V W String I get an output file with both types of Sales ID correctly listed (I know it may seem like using just the select tool would accomplish this but believe me it doesn't work as the mixed Sales ID still comes us null when I try to use it on it's own).


Now I want the workflow to be dynamic and select the latest file each time it is saved in the folder so I have followed the steps outlined in the below article to pull the most recently created file for my workflow.


However I do not seem to be able to find a way to replicate Fix 1 when using the dynamic input method outlined above - the crucial step I can't perform is to find a way to tell Alteryx to treat the 'first row as data' as the input is dynamic rather than using the input tool.


I can't share a sample workflow I am afraid as all the data is confidential. Really appreciate any help that the community could give! 


Kind Regards,

Viral Patel. 

11 - Bolide

Hi @Viral You could be able to select the Dynamic Input Tool and click on Edit in the top left to edit the template, here you should be able to tick the option 'First Row Contains Data', which will then do that for your latest file. I hope that helps.

6 - Meteoroid

Hi Mark,


I can't believe I missed that!!!!!


This has solved my problems and made my life significantly easier - a massive thank you for this!