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Data "Madness"... Lost in Transactional data (transpose, arrange, crosstab?

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I am working on what we refer to as a "Book of Business" report which is simply a list of accounts a specific employee is on during at a specified time (range or time) along with the value ($$'s) associated with the accounts while you were on the accounts.


I have attached an excel file that contains "Browse" files at each stage along with a picture of the workflow. Each Browse file in the workflow picture is correlated to the Exec Tabs.


I have a final tab to help emulate the output results.


Please advise on how I can assist with better information, explanation, etc....... This report will be served up on Tableau Server and is much needed.




Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@michael_franz hopefully someone from the Solutions Engineering team in your region has reached out to assist you with this?



Andy Cooper
Senior Solutions Engineer - EMEA
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Nope. I have not heard from anyone.


Hi @michael_franz,


Just a couple points for clarification - on the sheet from "added customer and other" you mention that the employees in orange are not relevant to what you need for your final output. From what I see, it looks like you are using the employees here to join on for the final output - L_L_R_FirstName (AA) and  L_L_R_LastName (AB) with R_FirstName (AN) and R_LastName (AO) respectively. Could you clarify if this is what you are joining on in order to append the rest of the information in Orange text (IsProd, IsRep, etc.) on FINAL... added Policy Personell? Are the employees on "added customer and other" not at all necessary for List 1?



Also, which fields correspond to the needed output from List 1? I see fields for Primary, Prod, Rep, and Telemarketer, but List 1 is more extensive than that.

Seems like a pretty straightforward workflow once we get these points cleared up :)

Sophia Fraticelli
Premium Support Advisor
Alteryx, Inc.