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Tool Mastery | Error Message

Community Data Engineer
Community Data Engineer
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Error Message.png

This article is part of the Tool Mastery Series, a compilation of Knowledge Base contributions to introduce diverse working examples for Designer Tools. Here we’ll delve into uses of the Error Message Tool on our way to mastering the Alteryx Designer:


A must-have for any app or macro, the Error Message Tool displays a prompt to the user based on input from Interface Tools. Using any expression that evaluates to true, along with any number of user inputs from question Q.png  anchor connected Interface Tools, the Error Message Tool can layer even the most involved applications with failsafes that ease a user’s experience through more robust interactions. Failsafes like:


  • Ensuring Interface Tool values aren’t left blank (attached in Error Message 1.yxwz):


Ensure Interface Tool values aren’t left blank.png




  • Standardizing/forcing user input to specific formats (attached in Error Message 2.yxwz):


Standardize force user input to specific formats.png





  • Enabling more complex application/macro interactions (attached in Error Message 3.yxwz):


Enable more complex application macro interactions.png




The example above uses windows environment variables to “authenticate” a user before using the app. Using the Error Message’s expression box creatively with other variables or constants from your (or your users’) working environment lends incredible breadth of functionality to the app developer!


By now, you should have expert-level proficiency with the Error Message Tool! If you can think of a use case we left out, feel free to use the comments section below! Consider yourself a Tool Master already? Let us know at if you’d like your creative tool uses to be featured in the Tool Mastery Series.


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 How can I use the error message tool to check against something in my workflow? Basically  I'm requiring the user to manually enter the code (since there are so many)  The workflow then checks against variables including the code, and if successful will write information to a table or divert it away when no match is found. My desire is that if the code manually entered doesn't match  it will give them an error message.