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in db error and looping


Two questions, I am running a wf with an indb input.  my boss changed the underlying table while my workflow was running and caused an error in my workflow.  If i had used a static input instead, could he then change the underlying, while I'm reading it and is there a scale of "this is 24gb, it will take X*Y to read it, with static input, but Y only to read it with indb input (aka how much faster does indb read a large file?)


second, how do you loop a workflow?  I have 8 wf's which are identical except for static input, ie:  the word "engine", the word "body" , etc... and I could feed those into a control loop if i knew how to.  is it possible?  thanks


becki kain


Alteryx Certified Partner

Becki, it depends a lot of :
-the kind of database you're querying (Oracle, Hive, Vertica.... have really different times of answer)

-the configuration of your computer and the one of the database server.

I'm not sure if I understand well your "loop" notion but I guess you could have a look on batch macros.


sorry, it's like 24 gb of sql.  is there a difference in speed of reading static input vs indb input?  I thought so but didn't try to run the workflows at the same time.  if someone changes the underlying table, with indb, does that automatically crash your wf?  is there a way of telling altyerx "take an image of this, as of right now, when I start this workflow?"


thanks on batch. i'll look at it


Alteryx Certified Partner

When you say "24 GB of sql", do you mean a table of 24 GB?

"is there a difference in speed of reading static input vs indb input?"

By in-db input, do you mean a data stream out tool? Because it depends how you set the configuration of your connexion.

I'm not sure changing the underlying table would crash a workflow. But "changing" is not very precise : update, delete, truncate, drop, overwrite, alter... what kind of change?

If you want to be sure, try to make a temporary table with the write tool.

When you ask question about in-db, please mention your base : is it Oracle? Sql Server? Teradata?... There are several possibilities and the databases don't behave the same way.



yes, sorry, a table, written with alteryx, indb write tool, of size 24GB, to an sql server.  and I have no idea what change he made but it crashed the two workflows I was reading the table with, with indb input.  i'm not really familiar with indb commands yet.  thanks