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if then else statement without overwriting

Alteryx Partner

I have an if statment in a formula tool with about 100 different cases that is trying to assign a value based on a condition. Once I assign a value, I don't want it to be overwritten down the line, i.e., i want Alteryx to "bucket" it and exclude it, thereby not overwriting the values, which is what is happening now.  What is the best way to accomplish this? 

Hard to advise without seeing your expression but two suggestions jump to mind:

1. Use a switch statement (

2. Use a Find and Replace tool (


If you can post more details happy to help


Agree with @jdunkerley79.


I use this method when classifying bank statements, run through a set of matches/rules with a Find/Replace tool set to append the classification, then filter out all the ones that have been classified. I can then run through the next set of rules to match more. Like the below