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how to set up the column width for exporting excel sheet


I have an excel report that updated by Alteryx everyday.

When Alteryx finishes running the workflow, the excel tab will over write(drop)

the older file from the template.

the problem is in order for the user to read the numbers from this updated excel sheet, they will need to make the column wider by adjusting the column width.

Is there any way to do this in Alteryx, so the output file will come with the exact column width that fit the number length.

Thank you.

Alteryx Certified Partner



There's not a way for Alteryx to make the columns wider in Excel using a normal Output tool. However, what you can do instead is to specify a range that Alteryx should write to. This case, it wont overwrite the entire sheet, rather, overwrite the contents within the range you specified only. Since the sheet is technically not deleted, it'll retain the column/row sizes that are currently established in the sheet.


To do this, modify the file path of your output tool by adding the cell range. For example, C:\directory\outputfile.xlsx|||Sheet1$A1:Z100. Change the bold part to whatever range works for you. if you want it to overwrite all contents of the sheet, you can specify A1:XFD1048576, 


Hope this helps!




@ll1100000 You could also use the reporting tools. You can set the columns widths, format, etc in the Table tool and then use the Render tool to output the file to a specific location.






P.S. If you use this method, make sure to change the "Output File:" in the Render tool to the full path. In my example I just put "sample.xlsx". Also, you will probably need to play around with the settings in the Table tool until you get it just right.




I can see the difference in the output as in wide columns but can't see the changes in the Table Tool you have made that cause the affect.  Sorry must be feeling really dense today.....


Kind regards,



@PeterV No worries. The reporting tools aren't very intuitive to me. I usually have to play around with them for awhile to get the look I want.


In the example, I didn't change any of the setting in the Table tool. The output was set to the default of 100% table width.


If you want to specify exact column widths, go down to the "Per Column Configuration" settings:





Click on "Field1" to change the settings for that column, Click on "Field2" to change the settings for that column, an so on.


You can also feed any of the reporting tools into the Visual Layout tool if you want more than one element in your final product.








I was able to change the borders color and column width by using "Basic Table" tool - default table settings.

However, I can't export it into Excel file? 

The Output file path in my Render tool is greyed out..... 




Yes is frustrating as some small fixes would make all the difference.


Thanks again for trying,



@ll1100000 If the "Output File:" field is greyed out, try changing the Output mode to "Choose a Specific Output File"


Let me know if that works.


Another issue of using this method is date fields get converted to strings.  Anyone have a solution?