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get Full Path as VW_String size 32767

Alteryx Partner


Hi I have a workflow which starts with a Directory Input tool to get “Full Path”  (type:V_WString size:32767)

Now an in-stream macro will take that full path and macro's Input Data tool is configured to give Output File Name as Field “Full Path”


Then, after the macro throws the FileName I saw it got truncated as the data type was modified within the macro (type: V_WString, size: 254)


My problem is how to set the macro input size as original directory size so that the path is never truncated….?


I don’t see such a setting inside that batch macro.

Can u help?









Hi @r4upadhye


You can either use a select tool after the input and change the length of the full path field. 


Or you can include a formula tool after the input, create a new fullpath field (With your size specifications etc) and pass the fullpath from the control parameter into it (Screenshot below).







Jordan Barker

Solutions Consultant

Alteryx Partner

Hi Jordan,


"select after the input" will truncate the input ? logically it would be select & assign data type even before it makes an input (which is not possible)


"formula after input" needs testing, will try it...


as the Data Input tool sets the field size to 256, i need to remove this limit before pulling the data.




Alteryx Partner

making some changes by updating the input itself to the specified format worked well.