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custom date


Hi I currently have a date like this 1/29/2018 and I am trying to padleft to put a "0" at the beginning of this date. However, it is not working for me. 


My date is currently in a V_String format and I am using this formula: 


PadLeft(ToString([START DATE]), 2, "0")

Alteryx Partner

Is there a reason why:


"0" + [START DATE]


wouldn't work here? I'm looking into why your implementation isn't working, but I think it can be done in a much simpler way.


Let me know if this helps,




You can also use date time tool to get the desired results. 





The issue then becomes I have dates that will look like "010/29/2018". Months 10,11, and 12 have an extra 0 in front. This would work, but what formula could I use to remove this leading 0 on these 3 months?

The workflow I shared will work for your case.  Just share the sample data with all the possible combination in case the workflow I shared not working.