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Workflow Configuration - Runtime Tab Not Available

I'm having a problem with the Runtime tab in the Workflow Configuration window - it is visible when I first open Alteryx but as soon as I open a module it disappears. I've tried this with modules created using the current version of Alteryx [] as well as previous versions, it always happens. Does anybody know what might be causing this, or if perhaps missed a setting somewhere that would correct it?
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

The Runtime tab isn't available for .yxmc Alteryx files (these are macros). Could that be the issue?

Hi Rod, thanks for the suggestion. I've tried it on yxmd, yxmc, and yxwz files - Runtime actually does appear at least some of the time when I open yxwz files but it's always failing on yxmd. Also, if I open a yxwz and Runtime appears then open a yxmd, the tab disappears from both.
In case anyone else has this problem, I did reach out to and they were able to help me - I went to Options -> User Setting -> Restore Defaults and the problem went away.