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Weather API

Hello Alteryx Community- has anyone been successful in implementing a weather API to gather future weather information?  We are looking to add another layer of detail to our routing analysis.



Nego Jovanovich

Alteryx Partner

There are some weather data sources and the location for the existing sample workflow in the following post....




Are you looking to download weather forecasts, or most recent weather data? What granularity? Hourly, daily?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

There is a sample built into the product that downloads weather data.


Most of the weather data apis now require you to sign up for an account and log in to get the data.


There are a few videos on the training pages that use weather data as an example after it has been downloaded.downloadweatherdata.png


Thank you! 


For anyone looking for this in later versions of Alteryx, it has changed location in the menus slightly. It's now called "Download Data From The Internet".


Sample Workflows > Use scripting and automation tools > Build an App > Download data from the internet




I keep forgetting there are so many amazing examples built right into Alteryx! Time to put on my explorer's hat and see what I can learn! Thanks for the reminder @SamDrury !