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Using R script to find a solver / or using macro to find a solver




I have compiled a table like below (data is attached as well)






The table is based on the 4 criteria on the very top.

Accrual amt = beginning amount * actual yield * 1/4

net payment = principal amount * face rate * 1/4 (except for the last pmt which pay the net payment + principal amount together)

Ending amount = Beginning Amount + Accrual Amt - Net Payment


The ultimate goal is to get the ending amount equals to zero to find out a target actual yield which right now equals to 10% (in excel then we use goal seek function but I want to replicate this process in alteryx):





I have searched previous posts regarding goal seek replication,  and it seems that with the table set up I can run some R script to solve a function.  A regular alteryx workflow would be best, but I would assume a r script solution would be easier and neat.  


Here post something i tried.  i have very limited coding experience, and the below script is based on some research i did.




However, the result is close but not correct:





see the expected result tab in the attached excel, second tab, the target yield calculated should be 9.88%, could someone point out what went wrong with my code?  have been struggling on this for days.