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Upload excel file to sharepoint

11 - Bolide

Does the Excel file have to already exist before it's uploaded to SharePoint or can and Output tool be used and the file uploaded as it's created.  I can't seem to get an Excel file to upload to my own sharepoint site.  It worked once, then it stopped - so seems like it can be done.




The error is it can't find the site where the workflow is located combined with the sharepoint site all strung together like it's one long path.


Thanks for any help.





11 - Bolide

if I take out the http: that seems to cut the path down to just the sharepoint site that it still can't find.

7 - Meteor

I'm attempting to do the same thing and working with a slightly different approach by modifying the upload to FTP workflow from below to the UNC path.

It feels like I am close as I have been getting different error codes out of the Blob and the download tool but have yet to get it to actually work. 

If anyone has attempted using the Run command/tool any code assistance there would be helpful.