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Unable to save ouput in folder that user selected


On my workflow, I am able to select a folder and save the output in the selected folder. I package the workflow and send it to a user. On unzipping the package, I note that the user gets 3 externals folders and input is saved in one of them. If the user tries to save the output, it saves doesnt save to the selected folder  but saves it in the folder where inputs are available.

Screenshots of the setting I have: Please advise what needs to be changed.




configuration.pngUser view.png

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Arr, I think I see the issue after your 2nd post!


You are using the action tool to overwrite a specific part of the string.


When you export the workflow, you are overwriting the string that exists in the output tool which means that string can't be replaced with what the user inputs.


The solution is simple, don't choose this output tool as one of the assets you wish to package, this will prevent the string being amended and therefor the replace will happen as expected.