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Trouble finding Exercises/sources


Hi - 


I have been trying to go through the attached curriculum - but I am having trouble finding a number of documents and exercises listed.

For example - lesson 4


The first 2 bullet points - fine.

The next refers to "the help" - but not sure what "help" menu it is referring to.

and the other referes to Tool Mastery - but I can find no "applied cases of data types" there.


And the last bullet point does not seem to exist as it is laid out.


The links do not seem to work either.


Am I perhaps working off an old document?  Is there something else I should be looking at to help me step through the basics?




Hi There!


Just right off, I can help with the "help menu" bit -- if you right click on any of the tools in Alteryx, the first option you will see is 'Help', which has a lot of useful information about the tools.

For Tool Mastery, I'm guessing it refers to this:


Ahhhh.....the "help" thing....that makes sense.  Thank you.


And as far as Tool Mastery - I did find what you linked to, but, being painfully literal, I was expecting to see something that was titled to ""more applied cases of data types" as is listed in the lesson - or similar.



I'm with you on the "more applied cases of data types" thing -- if it's mentioned that way, that's what I'm going to look for. That's also why I'm like, 'I *think* that's what it might be'
Have you checked out the cool stuff under the Academy link on the sidebar? By far that was the most valuable for me -- I started with the videos, went on to the weekly challenges (they have a nice index that separates out stuff by skill level) -- I've yet to check out the interactive lessons and videos, but that is next.


Thanks for the suggestions.


I will look into all of that.




Hi @CorCor 


It looks like you're following the Getting Starting curriculum from the very bottom of this page. Make you sure the most recent version. On the same page there's a link to supporting assets.  This may contain the items that you're missing