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Translate/Convert/Change numeric fields to string values


Hi All, 


I have a file with several fields where I have the numeric code 0 = No and 1 = Yes. I have other field that use 0, 1, and additional numbers where 0, and 1 don't equal yes no. Examples:


Field              Code with Meaning

Tax Bracket: 1 = 15% or less, 2 = 16-28%, 3+ over 28%

Investment Exp: 1 = None, 2 = Limited, 3 = Good, 4 = Extensive

Risk Tolerance: 1 = Conservative, 2=Conservative Moderate, 3=Moderate, 4=Moderate/Aggressive, 5=Aggressive


Trying to think of the best tool(s) or method to go about translating the number codes into string values.




Without any more information, the simplest route would be to include a reference table with the fields and code meanings. Joining this back to your original dataset (either with the join or find/replace tool) would then bring in the code meanings. No need to convert them in the data.


Alternatively you could use a formula tool and write formulas such as


if [tax bracket]=1 then "15% or less" elseif

[tax bracke]=2 then "16-28%" else





but that's more work for each field and more complicated should those meanings ever change. A reference table is easier.

Alteryx Certified Partner

There are a couple ways to achieve this, so I'll give a couple examples. The formula tool is probably the most direct. You'll use an IF statement that looks like this:


For the [Tax Bracket] field:

IF [Tax Bracket]==1 THEN "15% or Less"

ELSEIF [Tax Bracket]==2 THEN "16-28%"

ELSE "Over 28%" ENDIF


You'll need to either change the field type on this field to a string before you apply these values, or create a new field that's a string. The Find Replace tool will be another common option. I've attached an example workflow below.