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Tool palette resets to default when restarting Alteryx



I'm using Alteryx Designer 2018.3. When I configure the tool palette (usually to show all tools), the tool categories will disappear and only show the default set of tools when I next start up Alteryx. Is there any way to get it to remember my tool palette settings every time I run Alteryx?

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @james204,


Typically, Alteryx will save your current configuration when you close out of Designer. If you had multiple instances of Designer open, closed out of one that you customized and then closed the second one that you did NOT customize, it'll revert back.


Also, if you customized and then had to force close Designer or if it crashed, it would not have had the opportunity to save your configuration.


There is an option to save your current configuration without closing Alteryx. Options > User Settings > Save Settings & Layout Now.


Last thing I can think of is that it may be a permission related issue. These settings are stored as an XML file in this location C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Alteryx\Engine\<AlteryxVersion>. "DefaultPalette.xml" is what stores your configuration for the tool palette. "UserSettings.xml" are the other UI configurable settings. If this file is not updating after you close or manually save settings, Designer may be being restricted from writing here. If you have admin rights on your machine, try running Alteryx as an admin (right click (may need to hold down shift also) Alteryx icon and "Run as Administrator")


Hope this helps!

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Hi there @jrgo,


Thanks for your detailed reply. Unfortunately I've tried what you suggested and it seems to make no difference.


I only have one instance of Designer open.


Under Options > User Settings, Save Layout & Settings on Exit is ticked. Ticking Save Layout & Settings Now makes no difference when I restart.


I found the DefaultPalette.xml file as you mentioned, which has the following contents:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <Groups />
  <Nodes />

This seems to suggest that all tools should be enabled in Designer, yet they are not.


Both DefaultPalette.xml and UserSettings.xml update when I close Alteryx, or if I click Save Settings & Layout Now. However, regardless of which configuration of the tool palette I choose (which is then updated in the DefaultPalette.xml file), it resets to Default when I reopen Alteryx.


Unfortunately I don't have admin rights on this machine. Also I am running the non-admin version of Alteryx, if that makes a difference (not sure what are the differences between that and the admin version).



@james204 I'm a little late here, but I had the same issue yesterday. Alteryx support pointed me to this post, which I was able to modify and fix my issue. I followed steps 1-10 and then just activated my license normally and everything works now. Note for step 3 I deleted all the files in that flexera folder. Although I'm not a partner, I think steps 5-9 resolved my issue by setting my machine's serial number to my email address.