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Suppress trail record on CSV within input tool

8 - Asteroid


I am working with an input file that is a basic pipe-delimited CSV file that has a trailer record on it that is the date and # of records.  I know I can remove it using tools after the Input because it is structurally different than the data in the first 2 columns.  However, I was wondering if there was a way to suppress it all in the first tool.  I don't see anything in the tool configuration that jumps out at me, but wanted to see what others are aware of with this that perhaps I am just blind to.




15 - Aurora

Is it possible for you to convert it to xlsx file?

If yes, then we can specify the range to be imported.



8 - Asteroid

Unfortunately it is a CSV coming in from a vendor, so not worth the cost to ask them to switch.  I can drop the trailer in a filter, but was wondering if there was an easy way to do it without the extra tool usage.  2021 resolution is to be more efficient in my workflows.  🙂