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Sudden Increase in 'Alteryx Designer Has Stopped Working' Crashes

7 - Meteor

My organization is seeing a big increase in designer crashes the last 2 days. We've talked to our network manager and he noted no new updates that should have caused issues recently. While we have received the "Alteryx Designer Has Stopped Working" crashes in the past, it has been very infrequently, and so this sudden increase (at least 3 users with at least 3 crashes per day the last 2 days) seems odd. It mostly happens when trying to open apps, but has also happened when trying to open standard workflows within designer.


Has anyone else had this issue on 2020.2?


Version 2020.2.3.27789




12 - Quasar

Hi @JakeW — I have been using the same version of Designer, and never faced any issue like yours.



Suggest you to contact the Alteryx Support team.



If this solves your issue please mark the answer "Solved" with a Like, if not let me know!

5 - Atom

I am also on 2020.2.3.27789 and have been experiencing crashes so frequently that I have to save the workflow after almost every change.  At first, it seemed to be related to the Browse tool, but just this morning, I clicked on the Formula tool in the workflow and Alteryx crashed.  I may ask my support team to reinstall at this point, as I have no idea what could be causing this, and I can't continue to work with the tool in confidence.