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Substituting Missing Data with Closest Matched Data

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I have been using AYX for a couple of years now but am new to using the predictive tools. 


Here is my situation:  I am using data on container specs.  I have about 2000 records but only 1500 has the full data (both categorical and quantitative variables).  For the remaining 500, I am missing some fields but still have some matching fields.  I was hoping to replace the missing data with SUBSTITUTE DATA from the closest matching container based on the matching fields.  


Is it possible to find a "closest match" for the missing data with the data that is available?  Is this possible when conducting something like a K-centroids cluster analysis?  If not, where do I start?


Any help is appreciated!


The first step would be to use a filter or series of filters to isolate the 500 records that have missing data. Then you could either do a series of joins on a smaller subset of matching fields for exact matches on that subset, or potentially fuzzy matching. Do you have some sample (non sensitive) data that you could provide?

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There is a tool called Imputation in the preparation toolbar that might be useful to check out. It is designed to populate null value fields with values.





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Hello @paultno,


Could you share a sample?



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Hello Everyone,


Attached is the dummy data with 1000 rows.  The last three fields contain missing values that I will need to replace with substitute values from rows that are the closest match.  Only rows that have missing values for all 3 need substitutions.  


Any help is greatly appreciated!





Hi @paultno @PedrodeOl @wwatson @BrandonB



We have built some new missing value imputation macros here:


Based on your secnario, the missForest macro would be a great fit for predicting the closest match data. Let us know what you think!